2015 Team Match: This Friday, June 12th!


Here’s a little taste of the Old West for our own buckaroos. Our Team Match, with the theme of Cowboys vs. Indians, is coming up on Friday, June 12, from 6-9 p.m. This is a yearly in-studio event that is fun for the participants and guests, who are welcome at no charge.

Here’s how it works: Our teachers are divided into teams – Cowboys and Indians. Students sign up for dances with their teacher to get scores from the judges and their team. The team with the highest scores wins the Annual Team Match trophy, a nifty piece of hardware.

Again, there is free admission for spectators and we’ll have snacks and beverages along with show performances. We promise a great time with this unique event and we’d love to have you cheer for your team or just watch some great dancing from our students and professionals.

Judging the competition: 10-dance champion Armando Martin, Cabaret and Rhythm champion Megan Murphy and 10-dance champion Martin Lamb.

Team competition, show performances, food and drink and free admission. There’s no better package and no better time to be had than at our annual Team Match on Friday, June 12, from 6-9 p.m.