Our Winter Festival Has Begun!

winterfestivalThe seasons might not change much here in Florida, but we have a great imagination and we love the upcoming holidays. So please join us for Winter Festival, beginning Nov. 9 and running through Dec. 4, when we hold our Festival Finale Party!

We enjoy socializing and having parties, but our main goal is to get you dancing and to help you become the dancer you want to be. Winter Festival gives you the chance to pick up some free private lessons, free coaching, dance shoes, competition entries and a regional competition banquet!

Too good to be true? It is too good, but it is true! And nothing is too good for our students! Here’s how it works:

During Winter Festival, you collect raffle tickets for all the studio events in which you participate. Drop your raffle tickets in the pool to win prizes at each weekly party, right on up to the Festival Finale. At the Festival Finale on Dec. 4, we’ll pick winners for those fabulous favors we mentioned above. Every student who attends will win a gift!

The Festival Finale will be our Holiday Gala, so please dress in festive attire according to the season. There will be food and drinks as well as dancing shows and social dancing.

As part of Winter Festival, we’re also having a special deal on lessons. With 20 private lessons, you get four bonus lessons. With 50 private lessons, you get 10 bonus lessons. This is not just a tremendous saving but a great investment in your dancing!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Palm Beach. Winter Festival and the Festival Finale are such fun events and the prizes and specials we’re offering are terrific. Contact the office or your instructor for more information and get ready for some exciting times.