We Were Featured on the News!

One of our favorite students, Heather Anstaett, appeared the other night with a couple of our instructors on West Palm Beach’s Fox 29 news. In conjunction with its promotion of Fox’s popular “So You Think You Can Dance,” Heather and instructors Andy and Anton were in the studio on Tuesday, June 2, to show how enjoyable and beneficial dance is.

Heather has been a student of ours for seven years and she says she has achieved remarkable health-related goals from dancing, including the loss of 30 pounds! Dancing, she notes, is not an exhausting physical regimen but a pleasurable one. “You don’t even know you’re exercising,” she told Fox 29.

Heather took part in an exhibition of the rhumba, as you can see in the video clip, and then the newscasters got involved in the fun!


Thanks, Heather and Andy and Anton, for representing us so well. We’re proud of you!