January Student of the Month – David & Dorian Norstrom

Are you retired? Looking to stay active while having fun?

Meet our students, David and Dorian Norstrom, who are both retirees that were looking for something fun to do together. In August the Norstroms came into our studio to take two complimentary ballroom dance lessons. Even though they had no prior dance experience our professional instructors made it so fun and easy to learn that they decided to make ballroom dancing one of their hobbies.

“It is so much fun,” the Norstroms told us. “We both enjoy learning the dance steps and love how dancing makes us feel as a couple.”

David and Dorian take about three private lessons a week; they each take one lesson individually with one of our professional instructors and then one lesson together as a couple. Taking a lesson individually helps them build control and add technique to their steps so that when they dance together they can move across the floor more comfortably. In addition to their private lessons, they both take advantage of our three way system by participating in weekly group classes and practice parties. The groups and parties give them a place to practice what they learned throughout the week and an opportunity to socialize with the other students.

When the Norstroms began dancing their goal was to become more comfortable, natural looking dancers. They can see the progress they’ve made thus far. Both of them feel they have gained great confidence in dancing and shared what an amazing sense of accomplishment one feels once you’ve mastered the steps. Their advice to anyone interested in beginning this journey is to be patient. After a few lessons the steps will come together, and the more repetition and practice the more you remember.

In November they participated in their first event, our Autumn Showcase, where they showed off what they’ve learned while getting helpful feedback from a judge. They also got to watch other more experienced students perform. They felt it was a wonderful learning experience which allowed them to grow as dancers. This December they graduated from Social Foundation, receiving their Certificate of Achievement at our Holiday Trophy Ball. Now they are working on the first part of a new Bronze program.

When the Norstroms are not dancing they spend much of their time with their Old English sheepdog, Chessie. They have a daughter who is married and lives in New Jersey. They are excited to be welcoming their first granddaughter in March. In addition to staying active through dance, Dorian is also a docent at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and David is a transportation consultant.