March Student Stars Of The Month

Have you ever taken ballroom dance lessons? Are you a former FADS student who has taken a break because of life changes or work-related conflicts? Students of the month Becky and Rusty Robison are learning it’s never too late to brush-up on your dancing skills and recreate that passion on a dance floor.

In the mid 1990s the Robisons took a few lessons and absolutely loved the experience. At that time, their daughters were involved in gymnastics and other extracurricular activities. In September 2016, after paying off two college tuitions and two weddings, they decided it was time to return to the dance floor and start a new adventure together.

Since enrolling in the Fred Astaire Social Foundation they have moved into the Bronze program. They take lessons separately with two teachers to help Becky work on following and Rusty to polish his leading skills.

They participated in the Westerville Showcase in January and the Ohio Regional Competition, the Freddy Ball March 24 and 25. At Freddy Ball they won Top Newcomer Male and Female respectively with their spectacular dancing. They are so happy with the progress they see in each other since returning to the dance floor and are enjoying every minute of embracing this endeavor together as a couple.

“I like the challenge of being introduced to something totally foreign; breaking down the process into pieces, putting it all together at the end and seeing the results of a finished product,” said Rusty.

“Dancing for me is all about improving my self-confidence and feeling that sense of accomplishment in taking on a task that was totally out of my comfort zone,” said Becky.IMG_6958 (2)

In addition to the lessons, they attend group classes and practice parties to help them grow as dancers. They enjoy working with the Fred Astaire staff and interacting with other students who are also learning along with them. They are also members of the studio’s Couples Club.

Since beginning lessons, Rusty and Becky have gained a stronger connection as a couple and dancing has boosted their self-confidence, giving them the feeling they can accomplish anything if they set a goal and work towards it with an open mind and the willingness to learn.

“Rusty and Becky are a joy to teach,” said Instructors Amy Jordan and Sam Walker.
“Rusty has a great sense of humor and laughter is a great way to help students feel relaxed when learning to dance”, said Sam.

“The Robisons have grown as dance partners and I enjoyed seeing their progress at Freddy Ball,” he added.

The Robisons encourage anyone who has taken some time away from something they love, like dancing, to start-up again. Learning to dance properly and proficiently is a process. Understanding that it will take some time to master the skill allows you to create something you will treasure forever.

The Robisons’ advice is to work at your own pace and to not compare yourself with others who have more experience. With practice and time you will eventually reach your dancing goals.

“It has also been a confidence boost for us seeing where we began and where we are today,” said Rusty.
They encourage couples looking for a new challenge that is rewarding and fun to consider ballroom dancing.

It is something that you can utilize for the rest of your life and you will gain a deeper connection as a couple.

Off the dance floor, Rusty is a Unit Battalion Chief for the Westerville Division of Fire celebrating 25 years in that position. He has also been a registered nurse for 32 years and for the last 20, he’s worked for Med-Flight of Ohio as a transport RN. Recently, he received his Master Flight Wings for completing his 1500th patient mission. Becky, as the housewife is the one behind the scenes that keeps everything going. The Robisons enjoy watching sports, especially Buckeye football and Reds baseball, and enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with their family and two dogs.