May Students of the Month – Marshall & Michele Yarnell

Marshall and Michele have been students at Fred Astaire Westerville for almost a year and a half. Initially, they won two free lessons and were excited to have a new experience taking dance lessons. Marshall had no previous dance experience and Michele had only taken a few jazz classes when she was eight, so stepping into Fred Astaire Westerville took some courage.
After only a short time, they grew to love ballroom dancing. It gave them a reason to be active and do something together. Additionally, they have enjoyed the experience of meeting all the other students of Fred Astaire Westerville. They look forward to continue having fun and expanding their dance knowledge and ability.

Marshall and Michele have had the opportunity to participate in several studio events. Perhaps the most meaningful was Fred Astaire Westerville’s Anniversary Showcase. In preparation for this event, the Yarnells’ worked with their instructors on choreographing a ‘wedding dance.’ They then had the opportunity to perform this dance at the event.

Finding a balance between taking lessons together and as individuals has played a key role in the Yarnells’ rapid improvement. Currently they take one lesson together and one to two lessons individually every week. Though ballroom dancing presents a unique challenge, for them the focus has always been on having fun together.

Michele doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention. Therefore, the experience of dancing with and in front of others has been a great growing experience. That and letting people into her personal space has been the greatest challenge for her. For Marshall, learning the timings of all the different dances and finding ways to navigate effectively around the floor have been the greatest challenge.

However, after their year and a half of lessons, Marshall’s timing has already greatly improved and Michele is learning to relax and not overthink as much. Dancing has also enabled them to spend more time together as a couple.

Outside of the studio, Marshall is an Operations Manager at the Delaware County Regional Sewer District. He enjoys educating the public about what they do and keeping our waterways safe. Michele has been a Software Developer at Nationwide for almost 20 years, creating software solutions for our Retirement Plans business area. She enjoys problem solving and creating something from nothing.

Aside from dancing, Marshall enjoys competitive bass fishing, while Michele enjoys watching reality TV.