Spring Gala Spotlight: Alexis Sabatino and Mitch Wheeler

Alexis Sabatino and Mitch Wheeler have been a part of the Fred Astaire Westerville studio for a few months now. They recently performed their lovely wedding dance at a practice party in the studio, but apart from that they don’t have any dance performance experience yet. That’s going to change on Sunday when they attend the Spring Gala.
Both are, naturally, very excited. Mitch is a bit nervous, as this is a new experience of which he’s not certain what to expect. On the other hand, Alexis doesn’t feel nervous as Mitch is the leader and all she has to do is follow him. She has the utmost confidence in his dancing and leading skills.
Alexis has always dreamt of learning how to ballroom dance. With their wedding approaching, they finally had the proper motivation to set forth on that journey. Though it was initially Alexis’ idea, Mitch is finding himself enjoying the experience very much. Attending the Spring Gala and dancing in front of a crowd will be a great preparation for their wedding.
Taking dance lessons has given Alexis and Mitch the opportunity to learn something new together. This has helped them get to know each other even better and given them the opportunity to improve their team work and communication. Dancing has been a joint activity and has provided extra time that they get to spend together on a regular basis. In other words, it has been the perfect activity leading up to their wedding.