Spring Gala Spotlight: Josephine Wee

Josephine Wee only recently began dancing at Fred Astaire Westerville, approximately four months ago. However, before that she danced in Las Vegas for two years. Even though she has a considerable amount of dance experience, she hasn’t participated in many events. The main reason for this is that her previous studio was the only one in town and therefore not a part of a specific region.
Approaching the Spring Gala, Josephine is both nervous and excited. Since Ohio is such a large region, the competition level will be higher than she has experienced in the past. Bearing that in mind, this will be an opportunity for her to observe some great dancing, gauge her own progress and represent herself well in a new region.
During her brief time in Westerville, she has discovered that the studio has created an incredible family atmosphere. This has increased her already existing love for dance. Additionally, this has helped her prepare for what she is certain will be a fun challenge. Obviously dancing with a new partner is always difficult, but Josephine is overjoyed to have clicked with her instructor Sam Walker quickly.
Simply put, dancing makes Josephine happy. She always encourages other people to take up dancing, as she believes that most people have misconceptions about ballroom. For her, dancing is the creative outlet that keeps her inspired and brings her great joy.