Make it a Dance to Remember

Six-Week Wedding Group Classes – $95 per couple

Learn some fun, easy moves for a simple yet elegant wedding dance. Participants will learn how to lead and follow, as well as master several basic elements that can be used for any wedding song.  *Advanced registration is required due to limited space. Must register by deadline mentioned next to each Series.

Courses are six weeks on Saturdays from 11-11:45AM. Choose which series works best for you:

  • Series 2 – Begins March 14, 2020 (Deadline to register is Feb. 29)
  • Series 3 – Begins May 23, 2020 (Deadline to register is May 9)
  • Series 4 – Begins August 8, 2020 (Deadline to register is July 25)
  • Series 5 – Begins October 10, 2020 (Deadline to register is Sept. 26)

Choose a Series: