Amy Jordan – Studio Owner

Position: Studio Owner / Professional Instructor

Hometown: Glendora, New Jersey

New Jersey native Amy Jordan purchased the Westerville Fred Astaire Dance Studio franchise in 1999. A former Fred Astaire regional international smooth champion she has received numerous sales and professional awards and is a certified ballroom dance instructor. She has trained many instructors who have opened ballroom dance studios and have a successful career in the ballroom dance industry.

Amy moved to Ohio in 1983 with a degree in journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She was a newspaper editor for 10 years for the following publications; The Southeast Messenger, Dublin Village and Battelle Memorial Institute employee newsletter, The Current.

In 1991, while attending Ohio State University in pursuit of her masters degree in Journalism, Amy answered an ad to be a Fred Astaire Dance studio trainee. At that time she thought it would be a “fun to learn how to dance” and liked the idea of travel and sleeping late, as the ad implied would be part of the job requirements.

“Being part of the Fred Astaire family has helped me develop my full potential and fulfill my dreams of owning my own business,” Amy said. “Our company is about encouraging people to grow either through the art of ballroom dance and becoming successful professionals in the ballroom dance business.” Last year the studio moved into its new space on 1091 Eastwind Drive. The building is owned by Amy’s company Jordance Inc. She is looking forward to expanding by opening additional franchises in the future.

“I am very excited about the future,” Amy added. “I am blessed with a great staff and looking forward to adding more dance instructors as we continue to expand.”

Sam Walker, Professional Instructor

Position: Professional Instructor
Hometown: Derby, England, United Kingdom

Sam was born in Derby, England and, even as a child, immersed himself into the arts. His passion for the entertainment business was apparent at an early age. Throughout his youth he was involved in many plays, musicals and dance shows. Sam went on to attend Newcastle College in England and graduated with both an Associate’s Degree in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography.

Some career highlights since moving to America in 2007 include the following: Principle dancer in Xclaim dance Company; Don in “Chorus Line” at the Renaissance Theater in Mansfield; Dance Instructor with a focus on Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern and Hip Hop; Dance Coach to Mid Ohio’s National Competitive Gymnastic team; Choreographer for River Valley High School Show Choir; and Choreographer as well as Performer in several Aerial Dance pieces.

Since joining Fred Astaire in 2011, Sam has established his professional reputation. He is the top male teacher in Ohio for both enrollment and referrals. He is the Ohio regional Smooth Champion. He teaches and trains based in Fred Astaire Dance Studio – Westerville, where he is the Assistant Manager.

Keith Jastram, Professional Instructor

Position: Professional Instructor
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio


Keith was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. As a child, Keith had a strong love for music and sports. He attended Worthington Christian High School where he played for the Club Football Team. Keith’s musical talents include playing the guitar, bass, mandolin, Irish Bouzouki and the ukulele.

In 2012, Keith decided to expand his horizons after his mother, long-time student and amateur competitor Joanne Jastram, convinced him to attend a holiday showcase. Shortly afterwards, he decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and began taking lessons at Fred Astaire Westerville. Since making the decision three years ago , Keith has been striving to better his skills as a dancer and teacher.

After achieving success as a competitive student at the Fred Astaire Ohio regional and Fred Astaire national competitions, Keith made the leap to become a professional instructor in 2014. Over the past year, he has made a name for himself as a top upcoming professional, winning Mixed Novice Championship with Professional Instructor Renae Smith and Novice Championships with Professional Instructor Sarah May at Buckeye Ball in August 2015. Keith also prides himself in his dance partnership with Fred Astaire Professional Instructor Carolyn MacNaughton winning the Open Rhythm Regional Division at Buckeye Ball in August 2015. Keith also plays a pivotal role in keeping the studio running smoothly by maintaining and compiling weekly corporate reports.

When Keith is not in the studio, he enjoys being outdoors hiking or biking. He also keeps his love for music alive by attending music festivals or rocking out to the latest “Weird Al” Yankovic parody! Although Keith’s original aspirations did not include becoming a dancer or teacher, he is excited and proud to be apart of the FADS Westerville family!

“What I love the most about dancing and teaching is seeing the result of creating movement between two people to become one perfect melody.”

Victoria Chester, Professional Instructor


Position: Professional Instructor

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Victoria was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She began working at Fred Astaire Westerville as an intern in the summer of 2013. Then, in October of 2017 she received her teacher’s certification.
Ever since she was first exposed to ballroom dancing, Victoria wanted to be involved in it. Movies such as Sleeping Beauty, Grease and Strictly Ballroom first ignited that passion in Victoria. Additionally, she had always wanted to teach dance. Little did she know, she could perfectly merge these two passions together. She found this opportunity at Fred Astaire Westerville. After four years of interning at the studio, learning the ins and outs as well as perfecting her craft, she has now fulfilled her life-long dream of being a dance teacher.
For Victoria, dancing is something that can be done anywhere and at any time. It’s a simple way to find happiness and enjoy life. However, it seems that ballroom dancing has lost the prevalence it once had in America. As a dance teacher, this is something that Victoria can help to remedy. She’s passionate about sharing the joy that ballroom dancing brought her with her students.
Being a ballroom dance teacher is a fairy tale job for Victoria. It is a way of life. She’s thrilled that her life is about sharing the many benefits of dance and helping people escape their fears and troubles.
Apart from dancing, Victoria enjoys hiking and exploring new places. She brings this adventurous attitude with her on the dance floor, both as a stunning performer and a marvelous teacher.