Paul Elliott

Paul is available for lessons in our Westminster location on Monday’s from 12pm-9 pm .  He is available in our Parker Studio on Wednesday and Friday.

Position: Instructor

Place of Birth: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Favorite Food: Paninis

Favorite Music: R&B/ Pop

Competition Style: I am looking forward to competing in West Coast Swing

Favorite Dances: Bachata, Zouk and West Coast Swing

What I Love Most About Teaching: That Moment when something clicks for a student and their faces brighten up.

Who I Admire the Most: I admire Louis Zamperini. Throughout his long life, and many struggles, he exemplified perseverance and strength of character.

One Thing Most People Do Not Know About Me: I absolutely love to crochet.

Biography: During Paul’s first outing dancing, his friend laughed at him mercilessly. Vowing that he would never let that happen again, Paul dove headfirst into the world of dance. Paul tried every dance he could find with roots from all over the world. Before he knew it, Paul fell in love with the Latin rhythms found in salsa clubs, and the playful tunes of swing. This lead Paul to take supporting roles in Colorado State University’s dance clubs where he found his passion for teaching. Paul first set foot on the dance floor in 2013. He now looks back at the first time he danced fondly, as the time he was introduced to his lifelong passion.