Courtney Duran

Position: Studio Director

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

Favorite Food: Breakfast food and Mexican food

Favorite Music: I listen to a lot of different types from blues and jazz to indie rock, and of course anything you can dance to!

Favorite Dance: Foxtrot

Competition Style: American Smooth and Rhythm!

What I Love Most About Teaching: I love getting to know new people all the time. It’s wonderful to be able to share something that has brought so much joy into my life with so many people.

Who I Admire Most and Why: I admire anyone that works hard to make their dreams come true.

One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me: I love music!! I love to sing and I even play a little guitar.

Biography: Courtney has a great love for the performing arts. As soon as she started school she has been involved in dancing and singing. She danced jazz, tap and ballet competing and performing all over Colorado for many years. During High School she was involved in Show Choir, Chamber Chorale, and Musicals. Courtney loves musicals and classic movies so, in 2004, when she had the opportunity to work for Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s, she jumped. She had attended some West Coast Swing and Cha Cha lessons earlier and she knew she would love ballroom dancing. Courtney was thrilled by the opportunities presented by Fred Astaire Dance Studios. She has gained a love of teaching and she says “sharing something so fun with others and seeing it enrich their lives is an eye opening experience.” Since 2004, Courtney has had a ball traveling, competing and performing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios in cities like Memphis, Milwaukee, San Juan, Orlando and Las Vegas. She has had the opportunity to attend dance and business seminars in Birmingham, Milwaukee and New York, expanding her knowledge even further. Courtney was invited to perform in the Disney Christmas Parade filmed in Orlando. She says “These are just some of the opportunities this business has offered me and why I love it.”