Cynthia Ortiz U.

Position: Dance instructor

Place of Birth: Peru

Favorite food: Pasta and soups (especially Pho soup 😀)

Favorite Music: Salsa, funk, soul, reggae, electro cumbia, Caribbean rhythms, alternative Latin fusions….and everything in between.

Favorite Dance: Salsa/mambo, Rumba, Chacha, Heels style, contemporary

Competition Style: American Rhythm and Smooth

What I love most about teaching: I love creating spaces where my students can feel comfortable exploring and I can be part of their process really breaking through their doubts or insecurities.

Who I admire most and why: I think the person I admire the most is my daughter. As young as she may be, she is unbelievably wise beyond her years and has taught me many lessons as I have watched her go through life. I have grown immensely since she was born, and I would not be where I am today without her.

One thing most people do not know about me: Both my father and brother are professional paragliders and I have been around adventure sports my whole life. I learned to paraglide when I was around 15 years old.

Biography: Cynthia started her career at 6 years old as a competitive gymnast in Peru. She later moved to the U.S.A. and made it into a competitive team that used ballet to supplement their gymnastics practices, and after 7 years of competing in total, switched fully to dancing. After moving back to Peru at the age of sixteen, she practiced everything from Peruvian folk dances to more urban styles, as well as contemporary and afro fusion. Later in life, she included yoga and other styles of movement into her practices which has given her a wide range of knowledge from many diverse cultures, styles, and types of movement. Eventually she found Ballroom and back to the United States to  begin her career as a Ballroom instructor. After years of teaching many unique styles of movement, she can teach a lesson confident in her knowledge and skills and is very passionate about sharing her knowledge.