10 Reasons Why

Mothers Need Dance


 It Builds Endurance #keepupwiththekids

Moms, are you feeling a bit sluggish and ready to put aside that rubbish? Dance can do that! It will have you keeping up with the kids in no time!

#2 it Enhances Memory

Memories are moments kept for a lifetime. Why not keep them fresh and alive?! Dance can do that!


#3 It’s a Chance to Relax
– #mommytime

As a Mom you may be thinking, ‘Relaxation? What’s that?’ Interested in finding out? Dance can do that!

#4 It’s an Emotional Outlet – #letitgo

Some days are full of emotions and all you need is a little escape. Moms AND GRANDMAS, did you know, Dance can do that!!

#5 It Helps Build Connections – #getoutofthehouse

Moms, are you craving close connections, being with friends, adult time?! Let’s chat because dance can help with that!

#6 It’s a Stress Reliever – #dance2meditate

Feeling STRESSED FROM EVERYDAY LIFE?!  It’s time to put those feelings aside with a trip to the dance floor! After all, dance can do that!

#7 It Builds Flexibility (mentally & physically) – #stretchitout

Build flexibility in your mind and body with a quick trip around the dance floor. Then REPEAT it a few times more! Dance can do that!

#8 It’s a Creative Outlet – #expressyourself

Moms AND GRANDMAS, even you need a chance to express yourselves! Dance can do that!

#9 It Improves Cardiovascular Health – #takeabreath

Keeping a strong heart to hold all the love you have for your children OR GRANDCHILDREN, friends, and family is important! Take a breath and INHALE all that love in! Dance can help you do that!

#10 It’s a Year Round Hobby #lifeisbetterwhenyoudance

Interested in a year round hobby great for Moms, AUNTS,& GRANDMAS? No need to fear, dance is here, and dance can do that!!