Youngstown FADS instructor competes on ‘so you think you can dance?

You Think You Can Dance? competition show. This was Kristin’s first time on the very popular TV series. Kristin advanced to SYTYCD’s Las Vegas auditions after making the cut in the New York City auditions. She told the FADS Corporate Office that there’s a lot more to trying out on SYTYCD than what television viewers see. “You go through a few producers before you even get to the judges,” she said. “They separate you into groups and give you 20 seconds to dance.”

In New York, the competitors were whittled down to a chosen few who then appeared in front of the judges, she explained. From there, those considered to be shoo-ins were sent directly to Las Vegas, while others instructed by the judges to try again with a different style were sent to choreography to prepare for a second round. If the new piece sufficiently impressed the judges, the dancer headed for Las Vegas.

In fact, that’s how Kristin punched her ticket there. Once in Vegas, Kristin performed a jive for the solo round before her adventure finally came to an end. Knowing Kristin, she will be back in the limelight to represent our chain in an even bigger and brighter role.

“We were paired with strangers for partners,” she said of the final performance, “so it was hard.” Kristin is definitely open to giving it another shot. “I’d love to do it again,” she said, and we would love to see her!