July Students of the Month: Sarah Lewis & Houston Palmer

Houston and Sarah have been students at Fred Astaire Westerville since April 4th 2017. They are getting married in March of 2018, so they began taking lessons to make their first dance a little more special. In their words, they both walked into the studio with nothing but high hopes and two left feet. So far, their high hopes have been met and even exceeded.

What they love about dancing is that it’s something they can do with each other for the rest of their lives. They are eager and ambitious and would like to reach the Silver level of dancing here at Fred Astaire. At the moment, due to their hectic work schedules, they’re only able to come in once a week for lessons. However, the lessons have been a good way for them to get away from work, pause for a little bit, and focus on each other.

Sarah is a third-generation florist. Her family has owned The Flower Boutique in Groveport for over 50 years. As of such, her job is to make flower buying easy, no matter the occasion. Having customers that support and trust her is her favorite part of the job. Houston works at UPS. His job consists of loading and unloading boxes, sorting, and driving trucks around the lot. He is a hard worker and enjoys encountering and mastering new challenges at work.

Since taking lessons, Sarah and Houston no longer have two left feet and they’ve learned to listen to each other better. This program allows Sarah to learn to follow Houston’s lead. Of course, it also gives Houston the opportunity to lead strongly and confidently.

The greatest challenge in dancing so far has been to learn how to just let go, have fun, and to trust each other. Sarah and Houston’s message to people who may be on the fence about taking dance lessons, is that it’s extremely beneficial for couples. The ability to spend time with one another, listen to each other, practice together, and build trust is what makes dancing not only fun, but valuable.

Sarah plays 6 different instruments, loves to read, write, and loves getting to know people. Houston played many sports growing up, but focused on football and baseball. He also loves to read, play games, and hang out with friends. Of course, both also love to dance!