Igori Bogatiriov – Owner, Professional Instructor

Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Doylestown

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

Igori started his dance career at the age of 5. He toured the world as part of internationally famous dancesport club “Codreanca” from the Republic of Moldova. Together with his teammates, Igori became two-time WDSF World Champion and four-time WDSF European Champion. As a part of his professional ballroom dance training, Igori received extensive ballet, choreography, jazz, and physical strength preparation. He reached the level of International classification in Ballroom and Latin and earned the title of International Master of Sport in Dancesport.

Igori was a Finalist in numerous International Dance Sport Competitions (WDSF-IDSF) across Europe including the Mannheim, Germany WDSF Open; Alassio, Italy WDSF Open; Antwerp, Belgium WDSF Open; Paris WDSF Open; Moscow WDSF Open, and many other prestigious competitions. He taught dance in Moldova for many years, working with both children and
adults. His students earned the highest awards in dance competitions. After managing the largest dance studio in his home country of Moldova, Igori brought his unique style to South Korea for many years prior to coming to the United States.

In May of 2009, Igori joined the Fred Astaire team in Syracuse, NY. He participated in advanced- level professional dance competitions and as an advanced-level ballroom dance instructor with his students in International and American Styles. Since August 2015, Igori has been the co-owner of and a professional dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Doylestown, PA. His students adore his unique teaching style and charisma. Igori finds his inspiration in traveling. His favorite dance is Rumba. To him, the best thing about teaching and dancing is seeing happy faces!