Cha Cha on So You Think You Can Dance

Last Monday, we were treated to our first live show of So You Think You Can Dance. The top 10 were coupled up and (at least) one person in the pair would be dancing outside their style. How’d they do?

I loved Mariah and Bailey’s jazz routine and Sophie and Eddie’s jazz funk routine (although Sophie definitely outdanced Eddie). I was pleasantly surprised by Anna and Benjamin’s cha-cha. It was a lot of fun. Could the feet have been more staccato and toes more pointed? Yes, but Anna exuded sass, which I loved. Stephanie and Gino’s hip-hop was good, but it wasn’t my favorite of the night. And then there was Madison (our hometown girl) and Ezra with their contemporary routine. Of course, Madison nailed it (it is her style after all).

Tonight, we’ll find out how everyone voted.