Fastest Way to Learn to dance (Practice Parties)

Adding practice parties, on top of group classes and private lessons, can improve your dancing drastically.

Practice parties are held weekly at the studio, and – as the name implies – is the perfect time to practice everything you’ve learned in group classes and private lessons. We turn down the lights, turn up the music, and enjoy dancing with different people.

We tell you what styles would be perfect for the song that’s played and can help you get started if you need it. You can practice starting on the correct beat and staying in time with the music. It is also the time to practice navigating a busy dancefloor.

The parties give you a chance to go out dancing without having to worry about what others will think. Every person who attends our practice parties has been where you are and will never judge you.

Check out our calendar and let us know which group lesson and practice party you’ll be attending.