Social Dancing: Blame it on the dance floor

Dancing socially is a wonderful experience, but as a new dancer is can be a little daunting, especially since your experience at the Eagan Fred Astaire Dance Studio can be very different from those outside of it. And sometimes that difference can be blamed on the dance floor. How?

Dance floors can be too small, not giving you enough room to show off that tango step you learned during your lessons. They can be too crowded, which can lead to possibly getting stepped on. The dance floor can be too unstable or too slick, picture taking tiny steps to prevent yourself from slipping. The floor could also be too rough, making it difficult to glide into step. And last, but not least, it can be too darn hot!

Now that you know the dance floors you might encounter, you can be fully prepared to have a blast no matter what situation you’re faced with. And if you’re not quite ready, that’s alright too. That’s what practice parties are for. And before you know it, you’ll be signing up for the next After Dark or finding another spot to try out your moves.