This is your chance to focus on only one dance. Series Group Class on Wednesday Evenings.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we believe that you can learn multiple dances in the time it takes to learn one. Why is that? Because a technique or figure from one dance can bleed over into another dance. For example, if you know how to do a twinkle in Foxtrot, you can do a twinkle in Waltz – with a few slight differences between the two.

Every lesson is taught with this teaching method in mind. Except on Wednesday nights at 7pm at the Eagan studio. That is when our Series group class occurs.

Series group class is when we focus on one dance only. The first class is for the basics (and a bit extra). As the class progresses, more figures are added on. The last class is devoted to reviewing everything that has been learned in the past three weeks.

The biggest question students usually have regarding Series class is ‘What dance are we focusing on?’ If you were wondering the same thing, you’ll have to come to the class to find out.