Two More Dancers Eliminated on SYTYCD

Another Monday has passed, which means another episode of So You Think You Can Dance has aired. After last episode, I had no idea who would be in the bottom and who would end up being sent home. Before we could find out who would make it into the Top 6, our Top 8 dancers got to perform four more times for the audience. Each pair would dance two routines together, and then each dancer would showcase their specialty with a solo. And before the bottom 2 boys and girls was revealed, the Top 8 are split into groups of 4 for a mini group routine.

Onto the routines…

Benjamin and Anna performed a Polynesian and Broadway routine. I wasn’t a fan of either routine. The Polynesian was fairly sloppy and you could see them struggle with it. With the Broadway routine, I was slightly bored, but you can’t blame the dancers for choreography. I think there is a very good chance that both Benjamin and Anna will be eliminated.

Madison and Ezra performed a Hip-Hop and Argentine tango. I really enjoyed their Hip-Hop routine; I loved seeing the personality they both showed. But I felt like the tango routine had too many contemporary elements in it, and Madison didn’t really sell it for me. This routine will probably put her in the bottom next week.

Mariah and Bailey performed a Cha-Cha and Contemporary routine. I wasn’t a fan of their Cha-Cha. It was lacking in Latin motion and the steps weren’t as staccato as you’d like to see. This routine could put them in the bottom.

Gino and Sophie performed a Contemporary and Jazz routine. Both were done well, although there were a couple parts where they seemed to struggle a little bit during the Jazz routine.

After last week’s performances, Madison, Benjamin, Ezra, and Anna were in the bottom. In the end, Benjamin and Anna were sent home.

Neither the bottom 4 nor the elimination surprised me. For next week, I think we’ll see Madison in the bottom again. Any of the three boys could land in the bottom, although I think it will probably be Bailey and Gino.

What do you think? Do you agree with who was sent home?