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Welcome to Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex, your portal to the captivating world of dance right here in Pittsboro. Our studio transcends the mere boundaries of being a dance education center; it serves as a sanctuary for those who crave the sheer bliss, sophistication, and unadulterated exhilaration that dance brings.

Our Dedication to Pittsboro

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex, our dedication extends to the vibrant community of Pittsboro. We grasp the significance of being a local establishment and take immense pride in being an integral part of this charming town. Our studio’s strategic location in nearby Apex makes it highly accessible to residents not just in Pittsboro but also its surrounding regions.

An Array of Dance Styles for Pittsboro Residents

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your very first step onto the dance floor, our studio offers an extensive array of dance styles tailored to accommodate every preference and skill level. From the graceful Waltz to the passionate Tango, the vivacious Swing to the sultry Salsa, the diversity of dance at our Pittsboro studio knows no bounds. Pittsboro residents can delve into and master various dance styles under the expert guidance of our seasoned instructors.

Exemplary Instructors

Our team of dedicated dance instructors is here to ensure that your dance journey in Pittsboro is an unforgettable one. Not only are they accomplished dancers themselves, but they also excel in the art of teaching. They’ll guarantee that you not only learn to dance but also revel in the process. Whether you seek private lessons or group classes, our instructors will tailor their approach to cater to your specific goals and requirements.

A Hospitable Community in Pittsboro

Becoming a part of Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex translates to becoming a member of a welcoming and all-encompassing community right here in Pittsboro. Dance is inherently social, and we are committed to cultivating an environment where everyone feels at ease and encouraged to express themselves through the art of movement. Our frequent social gatherings and dance parties serve as ideal platforms for Pittsboro residents to hone their dance skills and forge new connections.

Pittsboro’s Premier Wedding Dance Specialists

If you’re planning a wedding in Pittsboro, allow us to orchestrate a magical moment on your special day. Our wedding dance specialists will collaborate with you to choreograph the perfect first dance, one that mirrors your distinctive style and love story. Be it a traditional waltz or a contemporary routine, we’ll ensure that your dance becomes a standout feature of your Pittsboro wedding.

Enhance Fitness and Wellness in Pittsboro

Dance transcends its role as an art form; it also serves as an exceptional means to maintain fitness and overall well-being. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex, we present dance fitness classes that enable you to stay in optimal shape while having an absolute blast. Dance has the power to enhance your flexibility, balance, and stamina, making it the ideal choice for Pittsboro residents who aspire to lead active lives.

Convenient Accessibility for Pittsboro Residents

Our studio’s location in Apex is undeniably convenient for Pittsboro residents, boasting easy access via major highways and thoroughfares. We comprehend the bustling lives of Pittsboro’s families and professionals, which is why we offer flexible class schedules designed to align with your unique requirements. We are strategically positioned along US-64, ensuring seamless access for Pittsboro residents.

Join Us in Pittsboro

Whether you’re eager to acquire a new skill, prepare for a special event, or simply immerse yourself in the art of dance, Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex in Pittsboro stands as your ultimate destination. Embrace this opportunity today, and together, let’s embark on a journey of happiness and grace through dance, right here in Pittsboro. We eagerly anticipate extending our warm welcome to you in our dynamic dance community.

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Explore these incredible locations to showcase your dance expertise!

The Barn Dance, Inc.

6341 Phillippi Rd

Julian, NC 27283

(336) 685-9200

This dance hall is renowned for hosting vibrant country-style dances that bring people together for an unforgettable dance experience.


Stilllife Chapel Hill

159 E Franklin St

Unit 200

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(877) 590-5478

This nightclub is a popular nightlife destination known for its energetic dance floors and dynamic music, providing the perfect ambiance for those looking to dance the night away.


Chatham Mills Performing Arts and Event Center

480 Hillsboro St

Pittsboro, NC 27312

(919) 418-2488

This performing arts center is a cultural hub where creativity flourishes, offering a space where artists and performers can showcase their talents and engage with the local art community.


If you’re seeking a place to receive dance instruction from skilled teachers in a warm and supportive atmosphere, Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Apex should be your top pick. Call us today at (919) 200-4021 to learn more!

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