5 Reasons to Dance During the Winter

dancing through winterThe Winter months tend to negatively affect humans mentally and physically. The cold temperatures prevent some of you from going outside and being active. For others, the weather makes you less social and frequently tired or uninterested. There is a remedy for your “winter blues” and it’s dance! Here are some reasons you should be dancing during the Winter.

    1. Better Sleep– Dancing is a form of exercise that gets your blood flowing and burns calories. It also gets you naturally fatigued, sending you to bed early. Scientific studies prove that regular exercise combined with better sleep habits can help for a good night’s sleep.
    2. Better Mood– The Winter months tend to put some people into a depressive funk. Dancing releases endorphins which help get you in a better mood. Dancing is a great alternative to taking antidepressants.
    3. Stay in Shape– We all know that the Holidays are when we gain a few pounds. No thanks to Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas and Hanukkah meals! Get your body back in shape through dance and lose the weight that you know you can healthily achieve.
    4. Healthy Activity– Since dancing is a form of exercise, it’s a great activity for your body. Dance improves cardiovascular health, muscle strength, coordination, posture and flexibility. Dancing also helps people recovering from illnesses, can prevent mental decline and can reduce the risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes.
    5. Musical Therapy– Many people find that music relaxes them. Dancing to music requires you to shut out the stressors of your life; making you listen and follow the rhythm of the music. When you focus on the choreography of your specific dance style, you feel free and totally immersed in the moment and the dance.