Why Spring is the Best Time to Learn Something New


Through the course of any given day, we all have natural peaks and troughs in our energy levels that can affect our alertness and ability to concentrate. The time of year also has an effect on how we learn. As the crocuses start to peek out of the ground and your neighbors start to come out of hibernation you will no doubt start to feel the spring time itch. After months of being cooped up in the house with the windows closed it’s time to get out and smell the roses.

Spring is a time of transition, from the cold winter nights to the hot summer sun. It is also the perfect time to start getting ready for the hustle that the warm weather brings. The weddings and the parties are always a painful reminder that we wanted to start taking dance lessons. When we want to get in shape for bikini season we know we need to plan ahead. When we take the boat out of storage for the season we know we need to do some maintenance before she goes in the water. Dancing is the same thing, but a lot more fun than scrubbing a hull and depriving yourself of food!

Your fun and friendly Fred Astaire Dance Instructor can get you ready to party in no time and all that dancing around will probably burn a few extra calories as well (I love multitasking). So, don’t be a wallflower this year. Get out of the house, meet some new friends and learn to dance. (A skill that will last much longer than that new bikini!)

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