Ballroom Dance Lessons Make the Perfect Gift!

The best holiday gifts are the ones that last forever. That’s why your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Reston suggests gift certificates for dance lessons for your family and friends.

Why not give the gift of dance, through lessons with our world-class dance instructors? Why not give the gift of confidence on the dancefloor and in social settings? Why not offer a taste of the finest in ballroom dancing instruction, Latin dance instruction and access to some of the best parties in Reston?

Gift certificates can be purchased in person at the studio, over the phone or online at!/Gift-Certificates/c/15755124/offset=0&sort=normal 

Consider some of the other unique benefits of the gift of dance for a moment. Not only will it be a learning experience, it’s also a social opportunity. Your gift may be just the thing that opens up a whole new world of friendships for someone. And who would turn down an opportunity to have a little fun with their fitness? Dancing is not only great exercise, it’s also a wonderful stress reliever.

Giving gifts is fun and shows your appreciation of other people. It’s even better when it enhances their life in so many ways!