What does it cost? – NOTHING IT’S FREE…. Seriously

Well, we don’t believe in one-size fits all, if you have a unique situation, like a Wedding, or Prom, or if you’ve danced before and want to jump back into it, we like the opportunity to create a lesson package designed for you, your budget and specific needs.

Having said that, Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s have been teaching people how to dance for decades and we know what works and what doesn’t so over the years we have perfected the art to get you the results you want, in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible.

This is why we ALWAYS offer you your first private lesson completely FREE, completely complimentary with no obligation, so you can see for yourself what we can offer you. We know that your journey starts the moment you walk through that door and we will make it easy and fun.

For Example:

Our most popular beginner package is 4 private lessons, 2 group lessons and 2 practice party sessions for $46 per class. Or we can create something entirely different depending on your goals. Private lessons must be part of your learning as we pride ourselves that everyone in our school can dance to varying degrees whether you are a beginner or advanced so during any dance situation you can hold your own on the dance floor

Of course, it would be a lot easier to explain in person which is why we always offer the 1st lesson completely complimentary so you can try us out first before deciding on if you want to learn how to tear up the dance floor.

So click on that button send us an email and let’s start your dance journey today.