Social Dance Lessons

You Can Dance Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace!

Too many people sit on the sidelines and avoid opportunities to dance. Learning how to become a social dancer changes all of that. Whether it’s at the studio, on vacation, or out on the town, the Fred Astaire social dance program is your golden ticket that works on any dance floor. Whether you want to learn how to ballroom dance for when you attend charity events or how to salsa dance when you head out the the club, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Herndon can have you feeling the music in no time!

Here are some examples of what our program at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Reston can prepare you for:

  • Weddings — Wow your family and friends on the dance floor of every wedding you attend
  • Cruises — Cruises are a great place to try out many different kinds of dances
  • Nightclubs — If you want to stand out on the dance floor anywhere in the world, we can help
  • Corporate Events — Impress your boss and your coworkers with your graceful moves
  • Family Events — A great way to spice up family get-togethers

Our certified dance instructors will have you dancing within the first 10 minutes of your first dance lesson. Using the official Fred Astaire teaching methods, we can teach you how to say yes any time a dance situation presents itself.

Overcoming your fears or self-consciousness about dancing can help you include an activity in your life that is both extremely fun and a great way to keep you healthy. When you learn how to dance your confidence will increase and you’ll find yourself looking at the world in a new way. Dancing opens the mind to new experiences and music styles that you might have written off.

Contact us at Fred Astaire Dance Studio today to find out more information about our social dance program as well as our dance lessons for couple, adults, and kids. We can teach you how to dance for a wedding, for fun, or for competitions. We would love to introduce you to the exciting world of dance!