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Exciting Studio Events 2023

Our Fred Astaire Dance Studios-Miami Beach is always bustling with the numerous Exciting Studio Events: parties, shows, competitions, fundraisers and other activities.

Whether you’re a single person or a couple, learning to dance will most definitely enhance your social life. You’re sure to be in social settings that have music throughout your life and knowing how to dance will make those settings more comfortable…and even fun!

Exciting Studio Events | Group classes consist of several Students learning from one Astaire Pro, and offer a wide variety of dances and topics to improve your understanding of ballroom dance, along with a total body workout. Call us at (786) 300-5686 to sign-up for any of the group classes!

Calendar of Events

Exciting Studio Events | Competitions

Ballroom Dance Competition Events are an important part of the vast majority of Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ yearly calendars. At Fred Astaire National and Regional Dance Competitions, our students meet, mingle and compete with other student dancers to feel accomplished and confident as dancers. These glamorous dance competition events give you inspiring opportunities to watch, travel and hone your dancing skills in a supportive and exciting environment.

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