Love Stinks – Let’s Drink! (and dance, of course!)


We’re going to have some fun with our Valentine’s Day party.

Let others have all that mushy stuff with little Cupids shooting arrows at their butts. We’re real, so come and join us on Friday, Feb. 10 for Love Stinks – Let’s Drink (and Dance)

We’ll be going at it from 8-9:30 p.m. and this baby is open to the public. It’s free to current students, $10 for non-students (but we will get you!)

No partner? No problem!  Parties at Fred Astaire are a wonderful mix of singles and couples – and we all mingle.  So come and enjoy an evening dedicated to St. Valentine (who was a pretty cool dude) and his big day.

Wear red, pink or white…and enjoy lots of dancing, munchies and a frou frou drink or two.

One of the great Valentine’s gifts you can give to a special someone is a gift certificate to our Willoughby dance studio. Maybe that certain you-know-who has been too shy to get out on the dance floor or just doesn’t have the confidence to come out and dance. With a few lessons – courtesy of the gift certificates you give – you might discover a whole ‘nother person. And the other person may also discover a whole ‘nother person – himself or herself, remade as a dancer.

Come on out. Join us for the party on Friday, Feb. 10 and think about those gift certificates. The gift of a dance is a gift that lasts a lifetime.