David Martinez – Dance Instructor

My name is David Martinez and I am an Instructor/Manager at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Brownsville. I was born and raised in beautiful South Texas, specifically, Brownsville! My passion and love for ballroom dance began when I was in the fifth grade through a program our districts Fine Arts Director started. Dr. Rebecca Rendon, the master mind behind incorporating Ballroom Dance in our school district, encouraged all students to give dance a chance and try it, the rest was history. My favorite dances to this day are the Viennese Waltz and any style in Latin. As far as my passions go, I am extremely passionate about teaching the next generation of people. Whether it be in dancing or just life in general. I have a saying,” if I don’t help at least one person in a positive way today, in any shape or form, it was an unsuccessful day.” Finally, I believe the biggest misconception about ballroom dancing is the fact that people think dancing is too feminine. I express myself through dance just as any other athlete, teacher, engineer, chef, politician, or person would in their respective fields. Dancing can only be expressed through body movement.