Philip Gutierrez – Studio Owner/ Director

Born in Houston, Texas, Philip found a love for sports at an early age. Growing up he enjoyed: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Golf. He always enjoyed being a part of a team, working to achieve a goal, and advocate his peers.

As a young man with obvious leadership qualities, he decided to study Computer Science at The University of Houston. Reading a Newspaper in 1999, he stumbled across a Fred Astaire Dance Studio advertisement for a training opportunity at the Memorial Studio, in Houston.

He decided to attend the training class, and was captivated at the challenge of Latin & Ballroom dancing. Realizing all of the growth opportunities with Fred Astaire he became a full-time Instructor. With hard work, dedication, and pure enjoyment for enriching the lives of not only students, but his team, he became Manager, and (shortly after) Owner of his very first Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Throughout his journey he has been awarded many Top Teacher awards, and the prestigious Freddy Award as both an Instructor and Owner.

Now, owning 13 studios across the United States, he continues to grow his reach to mentor Instructors to achieve things they never thought possible. With a passion for witnessing the growth as not only dancers, but as people, he strives to create and guide as many individuals towards their future as possible.