Are You Getting the Most out of our Ballroom Dance Lessons?

Ballroom Dance Lesson Benefits - Getting the Most - FebruaryWe love dance because it is joyous and expressive, and we hope you do as well.

Some people find their passion in the precision of steps, others in the emotional and physical components of dance, still more in finding another mode of self-expression.

Sadly, some people dance and do not get the full measure of pleasure from it. Dances can be difficult to learn and partners may also try your patience. A great attitude on the dance floor is going to mitigate that and you can learn to harness and channel your mental strength into the dance aspects alone.

Hey, it’s easy to get frustrated. Desiring to dance well and working hard are admirable, but progress often comes at its own pace and tolerating some hiccups along the way are part of every dancer’s life.

So, a few tips on how to get more from your experience and time at a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio, where you will receive the finest in ballroom dance instruction whether it’s in group dance classes or private ballroom dance lessons. The following come to us from University of Dallas (

  1. Try to always go in with a positive attitude. There will be times of frustration but work through it with an optimistic outlook.
  2. Never blame your partner for anything that may happen on the dance floor. Not if you want him/her to dance with you again.
  3. No unsolicited teaching on the dance floor! There is a good chance this will make your partner feel small and humiliated. Not exactly a great way of encouraging him/her, or others, to dance with you.
  4. There are many things that may be acceptable in everyday situations, and yet can be very annoying when done at very close proximity, as one has to be while dancing. In particular, avoid humming to the music, counting the steps, or chewing gum while dancing.

Please continue to enjoy your lessons and our fabulous practice parties. We look forward to seeing you!