Clifton Sepulveda – Studio Owner

Clifton Sepulveda was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a talented athlete, Clifton’s youth was filled with many different activities including golf, wrestling, baseball, archery, geology, Boy Scouts, music, and dance. He qualified for the world championships in archery at just 16 years old.

When he wasn’t outside playing sports, he could be found exercising, drawing, or building an Estes Model Rocket to shoot into the sky.

His parents also nurtured his love of the arts, and he was encouraged to be creative in all things.

Toward the end of Clifton’s high school career, he was asked to join the cheerleading squad as a “lifter” along with several of his buddies. They were the first male cheerleaders in the school’s history.

It turned out that he was pretty good! Cheerleading even took him to the University of Kentucky where he was selected to join the squad while pursuing his studies in Elementary Education.

After leaving college and searching for his path, he made his way into the dance world. There he found his calling. Dance became his passion.

Eventually he moved to South Florida and began working at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in West Palm Beach. At the studio, he became a popular, much sought after teacher and a solid team member.

After two years, his future changed dramatically. Mar Martinez walked in one morning. Clifton thought, “Here comes my next bronze student.”

It would be an understatement to say he was wrong! Clifton and Mar became dance partners. Nowadays Clifton and Mar hold the titles of Dutch Champions, Kremlin Cup Champions, Ohio Star Ball Champions, Fred Astaire Champions United Sates Finalists and 4th in the World in Blackpool  England.

Having trained with some of the top dancers in the industry, Clifton brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and technique to his teaching.
His Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers a wonderful environment to share this knowledge and allows him to enrich people’s lives through the magic of dance.