Ballroom Dancing: A Resolution You Can Stick With

Fred Astaire Ballroom Dance Lessons New Year Resolution 2017

So many New Years come and go. So many times we make a resolution to get in shape, eat healthier or enjoy life more. Usually about 2 weeks into January, life starts to get real and our heart felt passionate resolution gets put on the back burner for reality. Is there any superhuman who can make and stick with a New Years Resolution? I personally don’t think it’s the person, I think the goals and the road to get there are the issue. So, DON’T GIVE UP YET! Ballroom dancing is a great New Year resolution that covers many, many goals. And with an instructor to hold you accountable to showing up and doing the work you are much more likely to succeed.

Live Life More – It ïs so easy to get caught up in the day to day schedule of life. Getting outside the box with a hobby like Ballroom Dancing can get you up and out of the house (regularly) and learning a fun new skill. You don’t have to go far to meet some amazing people and start something that will literally change your life. There is a reason your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the Happiest, Friendliest spot in Town!

Get in Shape– One of the great things about Ballroom Dancing is that you have to start at a beginner level. If you are just starting to get into shape dance lessons are perfect because you have to learn to walk before you can run. Once you have some skills under your belt you can crank up the intensity to whatever your interest is. If you want some regular activity, keep your dancing at a social level, attend some group classes and Friday Parties. If you want to get lean and sweat, start some competitive lessons. Ballroom dancing at a competitive level is excellent cardio and great for building lean muscle.

Make More Friends -Who doesn’t want more great people in their life? Your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio is filled with other great people with a common interest, DANCE. You will be surprised how quickly you make friends and have a support group of people all with the same goals as you.

Increased Self Confidence – There is something about dance lessons that builds a person into a better version of themselves. Getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and learning a skill that you can use are all pieces of what make Ballroom Dancing a great hobby. However, it is the personal benefits that people really get the most out of. Talk to anyone who has been dancing for even just a couple months and they wïll tell you their own personal experience of how dancing has changed their life.

Eat Healthier – When your body is working on the dance floor and you start to see the changes in appearance you will want to improve you eating habits. Also, studies have shown that when you are exercising regularly your body will start to crave the nourishment it needs. Intuitively your body knows what it needs and you will find yourself reaching for healthier snacks and planning more nourishing meals.

Travel More – One of the number one New Year resolutions is to travel more in the New Year. Ballroom Dancing is a great way to travel and see the world and do it with a great group of people. All the friends you just made at the Friday Party are traveling with you and so is your dance instructor. Competitions and trips are very popular with the Ballroom Dancing crowd. There are competitions and trips in every major city and every country in the world.

Have another resolution you would like to share with us? Comment and let us know about it. Want to get started with some lessons and see how amazing Ballroom Dancing can be for your life? Contact us today!