Nataliia Blokhina – Instructor

Nataliia was born in heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. She started her dance path from childhood. And as the more she fell in love, as much she took time in dancing, so at age 10 she received the title – European Champion in Latin. That’s how her professional road was started.

She had a hard time deciding between dancing and skiing, but she already knew what her heart wanted. With different partners she had won multiple Championships in Ukraine and also Europe. They included great participation in Paris Open Competition and most famous English competition as Blackpool Dance Festival and International Championship.

After this experience, she tried to challenge herself with different variety of dances – which also influenced her dance style and added personality. That knowledge she was sharing in a Ukrainian Dance studio. This opened her door to the Pro-Am world, where she danced not only as follower, but mostly as a leader!

Thankfully because of dance, she had the opportunity to travel a lot, so it’s became her hobby. And for now she has visited more than 13 countries! That’s how she also find out her passion for delicious food by trying all unique flavors and traditional dishes.

Now she’s more than happy to share all her knowledge and experience with American students in Fred Astaire Dance Studio Glastonbury.