Ballroom Shoes? Which Shoes Do I Get for My Dance Lesson

Question from a student: I need to get shoes that do not stick to the ground for my ballroom lessons, Which one should if get?

In any sport the right equipment makes a big difference, and ballroom dancing is no exception. Your first lesson in a ballroom studio can be a scary. What if I do not have the right clothes? Will my shoes be okay?  Here is a little video to help you know what shoes are best for the type of dancing you are doing.

Closed toe shoes make the best shoe for dancing american smooth and international ballroom styles. Some examples of these dances are waltz, tango, and foxtrot. The placement of the heel is slightly different for ballroom shoes as it allows the dancer to take heel leads. Where as latin style shoes allows toes to hang off the edge and grip the floor. This means that latin and rhythm shoes are open toed. Also you will find the heal placement on these shoes allow the dancer to be much more forward.

All ballroom shoes will have a suede bottom allowing the dancer to turn, swivel, and chasse across the dance floor with ease, while still providing good traction. Most ballroom and Latin shoes designed for dance sport will be a flesh tone, or sun tan, so that it matches any style dress, creates longer lines and hide imperfections in your footwork.  For social dancing there are much wider variety of options available in style and color also in heel height.

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