Dance Your Way to a Beach Bod! How Many Calories Are You Burning?

How Many Calories Are You Burning While Dancing?
Ballroom Dance vs. Barre, Yoga and Running

Calories Burned Dancing

So let’s see how different fitness routines measure up. We’ve taken a look at some popular fitness fads and compared them to the fun, difficulty and overall calories burned. Take a closer look and you might be hitting the dance floor instead of hitting the gym.

Yoga: Calories per hour: 125-250 Fun: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10

Yoga Calories BurnedSo obviously if you’re doing hot yoga or a more challenging class you will burn more calories per hour. But we’re comparing apples to apples here. I personally love yoga for the stretching and the mental relaxation but I wouldn’t necessarily call it fun. Enjoyable, yes! Productive for calorie burn, no.

Barre: Calories per hour: 250-350 Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 9/10

Barre Calories BurnedWooowee! Anyone who has been to a good Barre class can attest to feeling the burn. I say a good class because e every teacher is different. Some feel bad for trying to kill you and give you breaks, some beat you into submission with squat pulses until you can’t walk anymore. I prefer the latter! Great leg burn, not much for the upper body in my opinion, good music and atmosphere which is why I gave the 8/10 fun rating.

Biking: Calories per hour: 280-450 Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 7/10

Biking Calories BurnedI love a good bike ride. I find being outdoors with the fresh air and sun enjoyable which is why I gave it an 8/10 for fun. Just as the intensity of your ride increases so does the calorie burn. If you’re doing uphill intervals or biking at a fast pace (like 15-20mph) you will certainly burn more like 500-800 calories per hour.

Running: Calories per hour: 340-550 Fun: 4/10 Difficulty: 8/10

Running Calories BurnedSo, let me start by saying that I hate running. I do it anyway, because it’s good for me and it truly is a great calorie burner. I do not however find it enjoyable. I compared calories here to running 10 min miles. So for the purpose of strictly burning calories, I can not complain. However, if you are like me and find running to be the most horrible thing in the world, you might need to add something different to your routine.

Ballroom Dancing: Calories per hour: 300-450 Fun: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10

Ballroom DancingIn your very first ballroom dance lesson you will probably burn closer to the 300 mark, however as you start to gain some confidence in the movement and engage your muscles you will certainly be hitting closer to the 450. Even the slow dances have you using your stabilizer muscles in such a way that you will break a sweat after a lap or two around the floor. When we start getting into competitive ballroom dancing now we’re burning between 800-1200 calories PER HOUR! Check out the video below to see what I mean by competitive dancing. But it’s no joke! Take a look at Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocchi dancing a Samba from 2016. Skip to around 1 minute in to just see the intensity of the dancing. (however, they are amazing to watch every second). First, who doesn’t want legs like that and second (what I really want you to see) the intense bursts of energy are what really burn the calories. Competitive Ballroom Dancing …you’re welcome!


Get on the dance floor start getting in shape and having FUN!

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