Empty Nest? We’ve Got You Covered!

Do you have an empty nest? Ballroom dancing can be a great way to stay active and bring families together.

Empty Nest

Your child’s first semester at college can be a stressful time for many parents. Empty Nest Syndrome (YES, that’s actually a thing, and you are not alone). Can be a debilitating period of grief and depression for many. The daily activities of your morning routine or after school activities can leave an empty place in your gut. And huge gaping holes in your schedule. It’s hard to pick yourself up with so much down time. Time that used to be filled with watching your child grow and interacting with them on a daily basis.

What Ballroom Dancing Brings

We have a solution for you, and it’s a lot more fun than a therapist! Ballroom Dancing lessons are a productive and all inclusive hobby. They will get you out of the house, moving and enjoying life. Dancing has been shown to elevate mood and increase cognitive behavior. Plus, it’s a great way to reconnect to a spouse or S.O. that has also been affected by the empty nest.

Because removing a member of the family from the daily activities can drastically change the family dynamic. If the missing family member was a peace keeper, the family confidante or just comedy relief. Lessons as a family can help to reconnect the family as a unit and team. Group lessons where the family is together can provide some bonding time for everyone. Private lessons apart can give everyone a common interest to work on together, help each other with and discuss over dinner.

Furthermore, the health and mental benefits of Ballroom Dancing are endless. Studies have shown that the coordination, musicality and physical movement required to dance can have a huge impact on mental health and physical well being. The big win for empty nesters is that it’s fun, it’s moving and it’s a perfect activity for couples or families.

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