5 Reasons You NEED to Learn to Ballroom Dance

Learn to Ballroom Dance

Every adult young or old will inevitably be put in the situation of needing to know how to dance.  Don’t be caught unprepared. There are so many benefits to learning to ballroom dance. But today we’re going to talk about the necessary life events that require at least a working knowledge of how to dance.

  1. Dance Cruise – Not just for the elderly, dance cruises have become a favorite vacation for couples and groups of young adults. All inclusive food and drinks help to make them a really fun and care free trip choice. Most cruises have a killer night life and trust me, you’ll want to get in on the action. From Salsa and Hustle clubs on board to the Havana night clubs at port. Learning to dance is a must for any vacation plans.
  2. Weddings – As soon as the Bride and Groom are done showing off their moves, the reception floor will fill up with guests. If you’re single, the dance floor is a great place to meet people. If you’re in a relationship the dance floor is a perfect place to spend some close time with your special someone. Either way dancing is an instinctual and primal way of getting close. Besides that, it’s much more fun than sitting in your reserved seat for the entire evening.
  3. Salsa Spring Break – School is going to be getting out for spring break soon. With all the tropical beaches and warm weather destinations, dancing will be a must. Swing dancing, Salsa clubs and Mambo competitions are all fun places to visit and participate in some bikini clad dancing. Many places even have live entertainment right on the beach.
  4. Work Events – Let’s face it, some good music and a dance floor can make any work event much more tolerable. You also make yourself front and center to the higher ups without looking like the boss’ pet. What a great way to show your confidence and class than to get out onto the dance floor and show off the moves you learned in Ballroom Dance Class.
  5. For Fun and Social Life – There’s dancing everywhere, all the time. If you find yourself wanting to grow your social circle and meet new people, Ballroom Dancing could be just the thing. Group Classes and Practice parties are a perfect time for people to Introduce themselves and dance with new people. Your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio can provide a fun and entertaining place to learn to dance and meet other people with the same interest.

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