Prom and Ballroom Dancing

Prom Dance and Ballroom Dancing,
The Perfect Alternative to a Twerking Teen

Prom DanceSuggesting Ballroom Dance to your teen before the prom could be the key to your sanity. We’ve all seen the videos by now. Posted on Youtube and shared across social media. The twerking pandemic strikes fear into the hearts of many parents sending their teen off to prom. Coupled with pushing the envelope to see how closely they can resemble a 25 year old, and still be allowed out the door. Many parents are pulling their hair out as we approach prom season. Getting our kids to behave in a way they can be proud of in 10 years is a challenge every parent will need to face at some point. It’s just the nature of being the parent of a teen. And if we’re honest, we most likely pushed some boundaries ourselves when we were that age. So what can we do, besides ship them off to the convent?

Ballroom Dancing is a great way to allow teens the freedom to express themselves and try new things. And lucky for you, it’s sexy enough to be intriguing while keeping it ultra classy! There is nothing stuffy or overly formal about Ballroom Dancing. If you’ve ever watched Dancing With The Stars, you know. Plus your teen can learn a valuable skill to be used for years to come. From work functions to weddings, dancing is a very useful thing to know.

Dances like the Rumba, the Cha Cha and the Salsa will be great starters for any teen dance. You can also look into scheduling group lessons for a whole group. If your son or daughter already has a date, schedule some lessons for them to come in together. What a great way to supervise some of their time together while giving them a fun activity to do. You will thank yourself when you are feeling confident sending them off on Prom night!

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