Wedding Bells are Ringing!! What about the First Dance?

Wedding Dance Lessons, Fred Astaire Dance Studio

With so much to prepare, don’t forget that a first wedding dance is often the most memorable part of a wedding. Just the bride and groom on the floor together. Dancing for the first time as husband and wife. It is a beautiful celebration of the promises that you’ve both just made to one another. For every couple a first dance is different. Some brides want to be the center of attention, some couples want to keep the whole thing really low key. For some, the groom wants to show off his moves with an epic groomsmen dance. What is important is that your first dance represents you and makes a memory that you will look back on fondly.

You are going to want to get your first lesson scheduled as soon as possible. When you have a deadline the clock is ticking and the more practice time the better. You can always start learning and use the extra time before the wedding to practice and get more comfortable together. Just because you start dance lessons 6 months before your big day it doesn’t mean you wïll be filling every day wi lessons in the studio. Once you learn what to do you can have the leisure of practicing on your own time and really making the dance your own. Even a year ahead of time is absolutely not too soon! You’d be surprised how quickly the time goes and once it is gone it is gone.

Practice together, whenever you have a chance. What a great way to ensure you spend some quality time together. So often when couples start planning a wedding they get busy and stressed and forget to honor each other’s feelings and time. Dance practice together alleviates these issues by creating some you time together. Setting a date weekly aside to practice and maybe go out to dinner is a great way to connect and remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

Choose a reputable studio with experienced instructors. When taking dance lessons (or in my experience any other service) you get what you pay for. Taking group lessons at your local gym will most likely leave you and your fiancé frustrated and discouraged. Do yourself a favor and contact our Fred Astaire Dance Studio and give us a try.

Men can be very nervous and apprehensive about dance lessons. Women can be very driven with their idea of the perfect wedding. (Not always but a lot of time). Get your dancing off to a good start with an instructor that has been trained to not only teach beginner lessons but who is comfortable working with wedding couples in particular. There is a certain finesse that an instructor needs to have to get two people with different needs and wants on the same page and progressing along. A good dance instructor is almost like a marriage counselor. They will help to keep you focused on what you love about each other instead of who’s right or wrong.

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