Enough With The Stuff!

Gift Of Dance

When you need to find the perfect gift and a toaster oven just won’t do.

With the best intentions we’ve all been on the giving or receiving end of a really bad gift. This year, let’s think outside the box. A gift of dance lessons at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a great idea for anyone on your list. Not only is a gift certificate for lessons a creative alternative to the same old stuff. Lots of people are really into the non-material gift idea. There is something to be said for putting the thought into an event, something to do or learning something. It’s so much more personal than a lot of the stuff that we clutter our lives with.

*Dance builds self confidence- who doesn’t need more of that! Dance classes and one on one attention from an instructor helps people to feel confident on and off the dance floor. There’s something about learning a new skill and having success that is a universal self esteem boost.

*Exercise while having fun- Everyone knows dancers are fit, and dance lessons are a great way to exercise without lugging yourself to the gym. Let’s face it, no one really likes to work out. Turn up the tunes and work up a sweat while having fun! If you have exercise goals, your instructor can plan lessons that include dances like Jive and Swing to get your heart rate up even more.

*Learn a valuable skill that you can use- Don’t sit out at weddings anymore, don’t hold up the bar at the New Years party. Get out and have fun, learning to dance can help to give you the confidence to be the life of the party, or at least enjoy it.

There are many, many benefits to Ballroom Dance lessons.
This year give someone you love the Gift of Dance.

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