Valentine’s Day and Ballroom Dancing (Sounds Steamy!)

Valentines Day Romantic Ballroom Dancing

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many couples are looking for a great date night. How does Ballroom Dancing keep the sparks flying? Compared to other popular date ideas, Ballroom Dance lessons encourage you to hold your partner and look into their eyes for starters. We can even teach you to be sexy! Believe it or not, television’s Dancing with the Stars has resulted in more lasting romantic partnerships than The Bachelor! Let’s face it, moving rhythmically to beautiful music together is a turn-on that is hard to resist. It is hard not to enjoy the person who’s helping you feel sexy, glamorous and elegant. In ballroom dancing, you learn the wisdom of respecting boundaries, trusting your partner and working together, just like in a relationship.

  1. In ballroom dancing, consider your partner’s comfort, and you will have a successful partnership. In the lesson, your job is to think about your partner’s comfort while you dance, and your partner’s job is to think about yours. Look at your romantic partnership as a dance partnership — for a smooth, successful one, do not step on each others toes, look out for your partner’s needs and make sure they look out for yours.
  2. The man should not always lead (and the woman should not always follow!).
    In higher-level ballroom dancing, the man doesn’t necessarily lead and the woman follows. It is much more like a dialogue; the man determines the direction, but the woman determines the distance they travel in a given figure. Both know what is coming next. Just like a great relationship, both partners in ballroom dancing have a say in things and there is a fine balance of power.
  3. Ballroom dancing and romantic relationships both engage a full range of emotion. There is desire and love expressed in a rumba, playfulness in a cha-cha, passion in a tango. The highs and lows of romantic relationships are no different, she says, as each new dance brings with it a different emotion and experience between partners.
  4. You must bring trust to the partnership.
    Bringing trust to your dance partnership can be challenging at first, but if you can manage to do it, your experience dancing will be profoundly enriched, just like in a romantic relationship. Learning to lean on your partner for support is an important life lesson that certainly comes into play in Ballroom Dancing.

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