Isabelle Schmidt – Owner/Ballroom Dance Instructor

Born in Germany, Isabelle started ballroom dancing at the age of 14. Specializing in Latin dances. She has successfully competed in many Regional and National Competitions. Isabelle also loves Hip‐Hop and holds the honor of being South German Hip‐Hop Champion. In addition to her passion for ballroom dancing.

Since joining the team of certified instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2010. She is now a frequent finalist in Regional and National competitions she participates in.

However, with her passion for teaching people how to dance socially as well as on a competitive level. Isabelle continues to be under the top instructors within the Fred Astaire New England & Fairfield County region. She currently holds the title of Top Female Teacher at the Colonial Classic competition at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich.

Isabelle Schmidt