October Highlights

Our students are putting on a show well worthy of the spooky month in which Halloween falls.

Get ready for Starlight, our student show event.  It’s much like a recital for the participants, and they always appreciate applause from onlookers.  Starlight will take place at the River Oaks Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Starlight’s theme this year is: Ghoulish Wedding. We invite you to witness performances that will be horror-filled (and a few that will seem perfectly normal).

We’re set for Starlight on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m., with general dancing the first item of business. There will be light food and beverages provided. You will have an un-boo-lievable time!

Our Happy Halloween Party rolls around on Thursday, Oct. 31, at 8 p.m. That’s in the Sugarland studio. Come dressed in a costume of your choice – the spookier, the better! There will be a best-dressed costume contest and other games to win fabulous prizes.

We’ll be doing this as a potluck and each dish brought enters you into a raffle to win a private lesson. Hey, put together a three-course dinner and get three shots at that private lesson! Or just throw together your favorite food for sharing – Swedish meatballs, Frito pie, deviled eggs. Whatever you can scare up will be just fine for your friends to be gobblin’.

Remember, Starlight on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the River Oaks studio, and our own Happy Halloween Party on Thursday, Oct. 31. Two good times. See you soon!