Why You Should Consider Private Dance Lessons No Matter Your Skill Level!

You may already be aware of the fun and value of dancing, and if you don’t, let us show you! Take your passion, or curiosity, of dancing to another level with private lessons. You do not need a dance partner to sharpen your skills when you sign up for private dance lessons. This is just one more way in which you can revel in your passion for dance and better enjoy your time on the dance floor.

First, private dance lessons are fun! Sure, there are moments that will be serious as you work through your program, but it will also be fun and focused on you. And who is more important to us than you? You and your instructor work one on one, creating a style of learning customized for your enjoyment. There’s a great harmony to this style of instruction and you’ll notice it instantly.

Private lessons with one of our top-rated dance instructors will provide you with several advantages as you advance through the program.

First and foremost, you will always be partnered with a dance professional, giving you immediate feedback and attention to your every move as you learn. Very cool indeed. You will get to know your instructor and your instructor will get to know you!

Second, you gain an intensity of experience working solely with professionals as you hone your skills in Latin, ballroom dance, rhythm or smooth in our dance studio. When it comes to taking to the dance floor, you’ll be the tops!

In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves. Dancing provides an enjoyable escape from your normal daily routine, plus a chance to relax, relieve stress, and concentrate on yourself. And in the hands of a professional, it becomes an absolute joy.

Private instruction, with one or more key teachers, gives you the specialized and personalized attention necessary to look and feel great on the dance floor, while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner. This is where we perfect and polish your dancing while moving at your own pace.

Some people have expressed their concerns about not having a partner for dance lessons. No worries! No partner is needed when you book private lessons with our eminently-qualified instructors. You work with the instructor and need not worry about a dance partner not showing up or being ill or otherwise unavailable.

Inquire now about private dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast and how well you learn in the hands of our professional dance instructors.