Sara Diaz – Certified Dance Instructor

Sara has been trained in classical ballet since the age of 5.  Along with ballet, she also dabbled in jazz and contemporary.  After traveling around the country performing in shows and having a summer scholarship in Minneapolis, she finished the 12-year dance program at Escuela Superior de Danza Cristina Gutierrez in Venezuela at the age of 17. 

After dancing she continued her education with a degree in Tourism from the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela.  But her passion for dancing never subsided as she continued to dance and collaborate with different schools and teaching ballet as at the same time as her studies.  In 2016, Sara completed her degree in Tourism and moved to Peru to find new and exciting opportunities.  It is in Peru that she continued to train at the “Escuela Nacional superior de Ballet” of Lima and had her first introduction to ballroom dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

This new dance experience lit a new fire for Sara, as it became a big passion for her life, which eventually brought her here to Fred Astaire in Sugar Land, Texas.  She wants to share the benefits of dance through health, both physical and mental, and influence all students, whether they are younger or more mature, new to ballroom or an experience dancer, to share in their passions with her.