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Emotional Benefits of Dance

The physical and mental benefits of dance are complemented by ways in which a person’s emotional outlook can also be positively impacted.

People who feel isolated or in need of friends with a common interest may gravitate to classes, instruction and parties at their Houston-Memorial Fred Astaire Dance Studio. That’s part of the family atmosphere and network of which we are so proud.

Emotional benefits of dance:

  • Dance is an activity that takes time and effort that yield rewards. Being prepared for a class, taking that class and making time to practice provide healthy and wholesome activities that keep dancers in contact with one another. This social byplay is very healthy.
  • There’s no age limit. As we go through life, our circumstances and needs may change, but dance is always there. Anyone can take part at any time. Ballroom dance is a fun activity and a physical one, but it need not be strenuous. Classes and parties also open the door for meeting new people.
  • General improvement in health and outlook. Many of our students will also tell you how much their self-confidence and self-esteem has been bolstered through dance and their involvement with their “dance family” at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Social ballroom dancing has also been shown to bolster confidence, self-expression and creativity; it has also been shown to help reduce and prevent stress and depression.

2 Lessons + 1 Practice Session, ONLY $75!

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