March Group Classes

Welcome to the brand new Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio of Laguna Hills, CA.


The Laguna Hills studio is proud to be one of the newest additions to more than 160 Fred Astaire Dance Studios nationwide. The Fred Astaire method of teaching began in 1947 when Mr. Fred Astaire opened a dance studio in New York City, and the legacy continues under the experienced ownership of Marcus Tener.


Mr. Tener has taught students ranging from beginners taking their first tentative dance steps to those who have been dancing for years. Some of his students continued their dance journey to become competition finalists at the professional/amateur level. For five years Mr. Tener ranked in the top five instructors within the Fred Astaire franchise for San Diego.


In celebration of the entry to the Fred Astaire family, all Beginner and Social Foundation group classes are FREE during the month of March at the Laguna Hills location. All students of dance are invited to participate in these classes as well as to practice their new moves during the Friday night Practice Dance Parties. For the month of March, these dance parties are also free.


Why come to a ‘practice dance party?’


Practice dance parties give students the opportunity to dance with partners of various levels. Beginning students benefit from dancing with more experienced students whose backgrounds may include different styles of dance. Advanced students benefit as well, often remembering the joy of dancing for fun with less focus on intricate step patterns.


For a complete schedule of group classes, click on the ‘calendar’ tab at the top of the site. Times, styles, and levels of dance are indicated for each week day.


Don’t forget to wear green and bring your favorite dish to the Practice Dance Party on  March 18. This is a special pot-luck party to honor St. Patrick’s Day and, as with all of the other Friday night Dance Parties, it is free.